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PLAWCS Office:    218-729-9007    *PLEASE NOTE - the office is not staffed full time.  Leave a message with your call-back information and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  Or send an email to: plawcsclerk@gmail.com.

If you have a billing question, contact Eagle Accounting, not the PLAWCS office. Their contact information is listed below.

If you have a SYSTEM EMERGENCY please call 218-590-5911.  PeopleService will contact you.

Board Members:          

Kurt Brooks, Treasurer              218-393-0304

Steve Torgeson                         218-729-8655

Duayne Anderson                     218-729-9189

Kevin Comnick, Chair               218-590-6473    email: comnick@msn.com                               

Dewey Johnson, Vice Chair      218-343-5760                               

Dan Golen                                218-464-2365


Plawcs Clerk:                
Amber Madoll                218-260-5600

              Chris Schmidt               218-410-0778
                                        Jaymes Crilley              218-464-8243
                                        Timothy Poulin             218-341-3510
          Regional Mgr         Paul Christensen         320-420-5367
                                        System Emergency       218-590-5911

Meter Reader:                218-590-5911

Customer Svc/Billing:    Eagle Accounting/Donovan Frye      
                                         218-461-8092      plawcsfinance@gmail.com

Billing Office:                 PLAWCS, c/o Eagle Accounting
                                        PO Box 15221   Duluth, MN  55815